Magnifying the Devine Beauty that resides within you


My name is Phili and I am the founder of Y Not Accessorize – a boutique that focuses on unique, original jewellery and fashion accessories sourced from all corners of the world. My company is driven by a desire to create individual items that have their own story and motivation. Each piece is inspired by organic elements such as nature, art, music, architecture, food, and different cultures.

My story is quite diverse which I believe translates into my artwork. I was born in Zimbabwe and have had the pleasure of living on three different continents thus far. I moved to Scotland with my family as a young girl and then moved back to Zimbabwe after my father had completed his PhD. From both countries, I have drawn inspiration and have been able to integrate and infuse it into the fashion scene here in Canada, where I am presently located. 

Living and traveling to different countries has offered me tremendous opportunities to experience a wealth of cultures. Because of this, I am able to appreciate the beauty of the individual differences each of us bring into this world. 

I was born as a ‘fashionista’. As a little girl, I remember putting together an outfit and having to ‘borrow’ my sister’s necklace to make my outfit complete. Let’s just say that my sister still doesn’t know where her necklace went! A few years later I learned to sew – when I couldn’t find a vest to match my skirt, I decided to make one myself. The end result didn't quite turn out as l had envisioned, but I still wore it with pride! 

I believe that we all have something unique within us and our purpose is to share that gift. Fashion is an outward expression of how we feel, and I aim to create jewellery that does exactly that. My intention is to help magnify the divine beauty that resides within by using fashion as a medium. Each piece is carefully crafted and curated with passion, giving the jewellery its own unique characteristics. 

Try them on and watch the magic happen! I hope you find an item that can magnify your beauty within.

With love,